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What is Copy Club?

Copy Club is a membership-based program for smart + savvy femmepreneurs who want to get more done, in less time. Through 1:1 coaching (with yours truly), a dynamic + supportive online community, and lots of grit + grace, Copy Club will teach you how to create more high-quality content in way less time. 

Ready to get more done? 

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"Quickly pointed me in the right direction"

"Kelly was great! In a short period of time, she was really able to help me pinpoint where I needed to work on my website and point me in the right direction. I would definitely use her services in the future!" ~ Tasha HazeltonLife Coach + Virtual Assistant

"Gets right to the heart of the message"

I work with Kelly to help me get my story, my voice and my vision OUT of me and into the world.She is direct and focused in our sessions.  She gets right to the heart of the message and helps coax it out of me with my own interesting and captivating voice.  ~ Christine Guenette, Life Coach + Yoga Teacher

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"Turned my knowledge into engaging content"

If you’re looking for an editor that can help you turn your content into great pieces that drive engagement, I highly recommend you work with Kelly. She helped me turn my knowledge into content and kept me on track with the timeline I had set for myself. You will definitely be happy that you chose to work with her and your business will thank you, too! ~ Audrey Sourroubille Arnold, Health Coach and Mompreneur Mentor
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"Her suggestions are like music to the ears"

"I needed copy writing and editing on my website for a program I sell. Kelly did a fantastic job. I loved working with Kelly. She truly listens to what you need. She hears the underlying meaning of what you are going after and when she makes a suggestion, it’s like music to the ears. Kelly is insightful, intuitive, caring, and diligent. I will work with Kelly again. I have recommended her to many people and will continue to do so."  ~ Kelly Beischel PhD, RN, CNE, Founder and CEO of Dr. B. Presents, LLC


Who is Copy Club for? 


Modern femmepreneurs on a mission to help their clients live their best lives. You are fierce + forward-thinking. Your work is important. Your voice is powerful. Yet when it comes to creating content, it's a constant battle. If any of these scenarios sound all too familiar, Copy Club is for you.

Do you struggle with...

  • Getting Started + Coming up with Ideas? When I sit down to write, I get all in my head. I need help creating content that stands out and is authentically me/my brand.
  • Overwhelm + Organization? I have all these amazing ideas ALL over the place (random word docs, post-its, notepad on my phone, etc.) and need help organizing them into concise + compelling copy for my blog, latest workshop, About page, Sales page, etc.
  • Consistency? I feel good about my writing; I just need to DO IT. Please help me get my debonair derriere in gear.



Copy Club is THE place to

  • Jump-start your sales copy + content creation (aka, get sh*t done) 
  • Join in community with other smart + savvy women entrepreneurs
  • Show the world (and yourself) that you mean business

You're ready, woman; let's do this. 




More Praise + Portfolio Samplings


"Helped me embrace my authentic self"

Kelly Thomas is the  I had never worked with an editor before and wasn't sure what to expect.  But Kelly gently walked me through the process of editing my book for all of the practical stuff like grammar, etc AND she got me to also embrace more of my authentic self within the book.  There were points in the book that didn't sound like me and she called me OUT on that inconsistency (thanks girl!).  The result was that the final version was cohesive, profesh, and totally ME. I definitely grew in the process of writing the book and am super grateful for that.  I'm so proud of the work we did and recommend her to anyone looking to write a book from the heart." ~ Katie TitiBest-selling Author and Love + Empowerment Coach for Women



"Simple shift that was totally doable."

"Kelly is strong, honest, and super supportive.  I have learned so much just from being in her presence.  I came to Kelly because I was grappling with how to change my audience in my blog.  I have been talking with one ideal client but as my work changes I want to speak to a different client.  She gave me a step by step approach to making the change.  It was a simple shift that was totally doable.  I instantly felt empowered and ready to make the change." ~ Shauna Lay, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher 

 Recent Collaborations

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